To WIN in the showring & to HUNT in the fields

Breeder of the #1 Weimaraner in the World for 2015 !!!

***  World Class Weimaraners  ***

BEST IN SHOW "Cliff" at Bundessieger 2015 Germany (9,400 entries)
World Dog Show 2015 Milan, Italy - Best of Breed "Cliff"
World Dog Show 2015 Milan, Italy - Gundog Group 3 "Cliff"

WCA Futurity Winning "Cinders"
Versatile titled "Cinders & Nellie & Bobby & Flick"
Number 1 Gundog - Sweden 2012 "Bobby"
Number 1 Weimaraner - Sweden 2012 "Bobby"
Euro International Dual Champion "Bobby"
13 X Euro International Group Winning "Bobby"
Euro: 2 X BIS-2 & BIS-4 & 7 X BIS-5 & BIS-6 "Bobby"
Champion Blood Tracker  "Bobby"
Best in USA AKC-WCA Specialty "Bobby"
AKC-WCA Sweepstakes Winning "Greta & Flick"
"Multi" Best In Show Baby - Euro "Cliff"
Show Weimaraner 2013  "Cliff"
Group I - AKC puppy match USA "Chetta"
Multiple WCA Futurity / Maturity Placements
Multiple AKC & WCA Hunting / Retrieving Titles
Multiple Group One Wins from Grandpuppies
Best In Show Grandpuppies "Ajax" & "Sid"
Best In Show Puppy "Fanya"
  Reserve Best In Show "Fanya"

I am Joan Kenning Mulford of Durham, North Carolina 


Breeding for QUALITY and not quantity

In 1978, Driftwood Weimaraners was created.  I started out owning a "rescue" Weimaraner in 1977 where upon after his short lived life (many health problems due to originally coming from a PetShop / Puppymill) "which opened my eyes" where as I then decided to purchase a puppy from a reputable WCA member breeder and joined the Weimaraner Club of America along with other local affilliated WCA clubs.  This is were the story begins ... and now 35+ years later, I am very proud of the versatile Weimaraners I have produced.  I want to thank Henrietta "Rusty" Jenrette of Starbuck Weimaraners as my mentor for many years and for my foundation breeding bitch who had stolen my heart, Greta.

I have living in my household "3" generations of Driftwood Weimaraners ...
Cinders / Nellie / Baby / CoCo

Driftwood Weimaraners are "house dogs" and NOT "kennel dogs" ...
I personally train all my dogs and have competed in AKC and WCA events such as Conformation (dog shows), Obedience, Hunting, Retrieving and Tracking over the last 35+ years.
All of my Weimaraners which live with me are "house dogs" and NOT kennel dogs. They are my family, my friends and my confidants. Puppies are very well socialized with many people and my other Weimaraners and are able to play and potty in a fenced grassy area but are kept safely indoors at night and at nap times.  Puppies are exposed to different textures, sounds, stress, and enviroments to become a well adjusted Weimaraner.  Puppies are also exposed to live Quail.  Puppies are evaluated at the ages of 6, 7, & 8 weeks for temperament and conformation by myself and at least 3 other WCA member Weimaraner breeders. Puppies to approved homes with contract.
I am a member of good standing of the Weimaraner Club of America ;  Member (former Secretary and Show Chariman) of the Tarheel Weimaraner Club;  Former member and Treasurer of the Florida Gulf Coast Weimaraner Club

Breeding ethically and only to uphold and improve the Weimaraner AKC breed standard

To breed to perfect the breed in temperament, health, conformation and any number of competitive characteristics and natural instincts.

Health - Temperament - Beauty - Brains

Health Tested and adhere to the WCA "code of ethics"


 "Cinders"   BIF / CH Driftwood's Once Upon A Time, JH, NSD, NRD, V, BROM won BEST BITCH at the 2010 Weimaraner Club of America Southern Futurity !!!  Earned her AKC Champion status with 3 Majors too and earned her JH (Junior Hunter) & NSD (Novice Shooting Dog) titles consecutively.   Cinders qualifed for her NRD (Novice Retrieving Dog) and V (Versatile) titles on October 7, 2012 at the Tarheel Weimaraner Club Retrieving Ratings !!!  Cinders resides at home with me.

 "Bobby"    BISS / American - Swedish CH Driftwood's Time Out Of Mind, JH, NSD, NRD, V, Blood Tracking Champion, won his class (Futurity - Senior) and BOS at the 2010 WCA Southern Regional Specialty April 2010 !!!    AND - - - BOB & Group 2 win in Sweden Nov. 7, 2010 !!!    AND - - - BEST GUN DOG - Best In Show-6 (8,000 entered dogs)  in Sweden January 9, 2011 !!!   AND - - - BEST WORKING GROUP - Best In Show-5 on May 8th, 2011 !!!  Made the "cut" and rated "EXECELLENT" in Champion Class for BOB at the World Dog Show 2011 - PARIS !!!  August 21, 2011 - Bobby is now an official Blood Tracking Dog !!!   Bobby wins Group 4 on January 7, 2012 !!!   Bobby "again" wins BEST GUN DOG & Best In Show-5 in Gothenburg, Sweden on January 8, 2012 !!!  And another BEST GUN DOG & BEST In SHOW-5 in Malmo, Sweden on March 18, 2012 !!!  Another GROUP WIN  & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW for Bobby at Västerås, Sweden on April 28 & 29, 2012 !!!   Another BEST OF BREED at Österbybruk, Sweden on May 26, 2012!!!  Video/slideshow of Bobby:

 Another BEST OF BREED  and GROUP 3 at Swedish Kennel Club show in Borås on June 30,2012 !!!   AND another BEST IN SHOW-5 in Hugbo Bruk on August 31, 2012.  On September 1st and 2nd, 2012, Bobby wins GROUP 2. This makes 10 Best of Breed & 4 Group Wins & Best In Show Placements with limited showing in 2012 !!!  Bobby is now a "dual champion" as he earned his title of Champion Blood Tracker in October 2012 !!!    Bobby wins Number One Gun Dog and Number One Weimaraner in Sweden in 2012 !!!  Year 2013 starts out with BANG !!!  Bobby wins the Gundog Group and Best In Show - 5 in Sweden on January 5, 2013 !!!  Bobby wins Group 3 in Sweden on January 6, 2013.  Another GROUP WIN for Bobby on March 9, 2013 at Strängnäs Int'l Dog Show and Best In Show-5 on March 10, 2013 !!!  Yet another GROUP WIN and Best In Show - 5 for Bobby in Stockholm, Sweden on March 30 & 31, 2013 !!!  Bobby on a winning streak ...  Another GROUP WIN in Sweden on April 27, 2013 and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW on April 28, 2013 !!!   Another Best of Breed and Group 2 wins for Bobby in Lidkoping on May 12. 2013 !!!  On May 25, 2013 Bobby wins Best of Breed and GROUP 1 and Best In Show - 4 at Osterbybruk Intl' Kennel Club Show !!!  A BOB & Group 2 win in Boras on June 29, 2013 !!!  NEWS FLASH !!!   Amazing winning BOB & Crufts Qualifier at age 6 years & 4 months old in Gothenburgs International dog show "My Dog" January 2015 !!!  Bobby is owned and loved my Mimmi Erixon of Sweden.

"Trigger"  CH Driftwood's Yippie Yi Yo Ki Yay, JH, NSD at just age 7 months at his first weekend in the show ring wins BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX !!! Trigger wins "2" Best Of Winners and both were Majors in Greenville, SC at just age 9 months with me showing him from the Bred-By Class !!! Trigger wins a 4 point Major at age 10 months from the BBE class at the Raleigh, NC show circuit !!!  Trigger wins another 4 point Major & Best of Winners in Greenville, SC on July 28, 2012 and is now a NEW CHAMPION !!!   Trigger earns his WCA - NSD title (Novice Shooting Dog) on November 4, 2012 !!! He ran and hunted HARD the whole brace !!!  Lost count on this bird finds :)  Trigger earns his 1st JH leg on 2-3-2013 with limited bird/field exposure - hunts hard and fast with beautiful staunch long points !!! Trigger earns 2 more consecutive JH legs on 2-9&10-2013 !!!   Trigger is now a Junior Hunter as of 3-9-2013 !!!  Trigger now resides in the Midwest so as he can hunt his heart out daily with a very educated Weimaraner savy owner of Weimaraners since the 1950's ...

"Cliff"   Multi CH Driftwood's Quik Draw at his first show at age 4 months wins BEST IN SHOW PUPPY in The Netherlands !!! Another BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at age 5 months Oct. 16, 2011 !!!   (posting from Josee Sales - March 4, 2012) - - - My sweet 'little' boy did a great job at his first dog show in Groningen judged by Mr. Beyersdorf (DE)!  Earned a first place and got his first junior CAC, two more to go for his junior CH title!  But also became runner up best male earning his first point for dutch CH!!!!  So proud!!   Cliff wins BEST OF BREED over 48 Weimaraners (including many Champions) at just age 10 months in Luxembourg !!! This also gave Cliff the title Luxemburg JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!  Cliff also won a Group 3 in Junior competion of over 40 Junior dogs !!! Dogshow Arnhem, 27 mai 2012.  Judge: Mr M. Levente Lux JCH Driftwood's Quik Draw won his Dutch JUNIOR CHAMPION in three  international shows in a row!  Also won Best of Breed today and was selected Group 6 !!!   Cliff wins 2 titles as CHAMPION (Dutch & Luxembourg in August & September 2013 !!!    Cliff was award "Show Weimaraner 2013" !!! Cliff wins BEST OF BREED at the 2015 World Dog Show, Milan, Italy on June 11, 2015 !!!  197 Weimaraners entered from "world wide" and he is NUMBER ONE !!!  Cliff winning BEST IN SHOW on October 18, 2015 with over 9,400 entries at Bundessieger 2015 Germany,  Cliff has won Best Of Breed and Group 1 of the shows he was entered thus far at just limited showing in year 2016 !!!   Cliff is loved and owned by Josee Sales of The Netherlands.

 "Nellie"  CH Driftwood's Whoa Nellie, NRD at just age 6 months won at her first weekend of showing, won the BBE Class both days, Reserve Winners Saturday and Winners Bitch Sunday in Winston-Salem, NC !!!   Nellie is taking a break to let her brother, Trigger, shine in the show ring.  She will start back in the showring in March 2013 as we are now having fun in the birdfields and being the princess at home.  Nellie wins 2 Majors (BOW & WB) from the BBE Class at the March 2013 Raleigh Show Circuit with tough competition.  At the Raleigh Labor Day Show Circuit, Nellie wins a 3 point Major WB on Saturday and 2 points WB on Sunday and again winning 2 points WB on Monday!!!  Thus far Nellie has won 3 Majors !!!  One single point to go before she earns her Champion status and all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class !!! 
 Nellie earns her AKC Champion status for her last single point in Pinehurst, NC on September 15, 2013.  Nellie earns her NRD title on September 28, 2014 at the Tarheel Weimaraner Club's Retrieving Ratings !!! Nellie earns 2 titles (NSD & V) on November 16, 2014 at the Tarheel Weimaraner Club Shooting Ratings !!! All of Nellie's show wins were from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class !!!  Nellie resides with me.

Greta head shot age 7


Mom and greta 001

Greta and I

3 generations of driftwood weims

3 generation ... Greta / Cinders / Trigger / Nellie

100 47402

Mama Cinders (middle) with Trigger & Nellie

Nellie trigger 2 years old

Trigger & Nellie age 2 years

3 generations cinders nellie baby

3 generations of Driftwood Weimaraners ... Grandma Cinders / Baby / Mama Nellie

Nellie baby 7 23 14 auto adjust

Nellie & Baby

Nellie baby 8 9 2014

Mama Nellie & Baby

3 generations cinders nellie baby 1 20 16

3 generations of Driftwood Weimaranrs January 2016 ... Grandma Cinders (left) / Baby / Mama Nellie (right) ... Cinder is 7 1/2 years old / Baby is 20 months old / Nellie is 4 1/2 years old ...